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Anuradha pani (Aarya's mom)

Our daughter went to TWD for the first time when she was 22 months old, new to Canada and first time being in a daycare away from her parents. There were tears on both sides but Ms. Kim and her staff were professional, reassuring, kind and took such good care of her that in a few months time she was excited to go to daycare every morning, no more tears! TWD is not your run of the mill corporate franchise, it is small, close knit, personable and almost like a second home for the kids, at least it was for my daughter. They have an app where they make daily updates on the kid's activities, nap, toilet/diapers, etc., along with photos! Every morning when we dropped her off we were rest assured that she would be safe, happy and cared for. She graduated last week and I was more emotional than my daughter- it takes a village to raise a child and we felt like we were losing our village! A shout out to Ms. Kim, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Stella and Ms. Jenely, we miss you!  (​September, 2021)



Iris Liliav (Emily and Alice's mom)

Toronto Woods Daycare was a second home to my kids! My Husband and I always felt very comfortable sending our girls here. The teachers always used very open communication with us. I always knew I had someone to turn too in case of a problem and they supported and helped every decision that we made. like when we started potty training before they were 2 years old. Due to the pandemic, in June 2020 when they reopened the day care centers although we had our doubt as everyone did, whether or not to send the kids back to daycare, we decided to do so and we felt very safe. The daycare teachers did a marvelous job in keeping them safe and healthy and I thanked them for that.

When we left Toronto Woods, it was sad because I knew I'm leaving a happy, cuddly safe place for my twin girls. This daycare is special because of his size, personal attention and of course the amazing crew!  (September 2020)


Ying Li (Mingho’s mom)


I have to rate 5 stars because it deserves it! The director Ms. Kim is so nice and she offers sensory activities every day, and different summer/winter fun, PJ movie time. The teachers (Cathy, Judy, Kelsey, Jody, Aisha) are so loving and caring. I really appreciate how they take extra of my son when he first started. He was only 16 months in toddler program, wasn't able to feed himself yet, not able to chew large piece of meat.... but teachers helped ground the veggie and meat, fed him.... whenever he was cranky, they always hugged him to comfort him... This daycare sent out daily report with lot of pictures of kids...so you know how they spend time in daycare, if they are happy or not. It is so delight that every morning when I drop off my son, we always receive warm welcome and big smiles from teachers and kids. The kids are taught lot of songs and dance, vocabulary, good manners. I'm really really sad that I have to leave this daycare because we need to move...My son and I will miss these teachers... Highly recommend!



Mariam Paylan (Arianna and Kai's mom)


I absolutely love this daycare. My daughter went there and now my son has started there too. They were able to accommodate me by having my son start at 15 months instead of 18 months. It feels very home-like, is super clean, and I love all the friendly staff. I love that they are linked to an app so I get a report on what my son is doing every day with lots of pictures! They do a lot of sensory play which is great because my son really enjoys getting into the varied activities; painting, feeling and exploring.


Crystal Bacman (Noor's mom)


We returned to Canada and thought we would be on huge waitlists to get space but we walked into Toronto Woods and after an initial 2 hour visit, our daughter jumped into a full day she enjoyed it so much. We love how small the program is (only 2 rooms). Our daughter knows the names of all the kids in both rooms, and even recognizes parents. We love that homey feel. Nothing feels better than when she says every morning "Can I go to daycare?". Also we were prepping for the onslaught of daycare illness. But I'm assuming the cleanliness and hygiene of the place is incredible as 4 months in, she still hasn't picked up one bug. We also love the app that sends us pictures and notes about her day. It's just enough to give me prompts to ask my daughter about her day. I also love that the staff always have the time to chat with me if I have a concern or a question. They are so accessible, friendly, supportive and flexible.


Why doesn't this place have a huge waitlist? We love Toronto Woods. My daughter wakes up asking if she can go to daycare. When we arrive she runs into the arms of her teachers! To me that trumps everything! Yet I also think she has learned so much since starting to attend. Because she started at 2 instead of 1 I think the routine and structure has been a challenge for her, but they have been patient and kind of letting her adjust and get with the program. When I arrive for pick up she is always deep in play, happy and has even told me to "go away" so she can stay. We feel so blessed to have had our first childcare experience be so positive.


Amos He (Jamie's Dad)


We love the daycare. My son was a handful when he was approaching two. We chose this daycare by friend recommendation and are happier family ever since!


Hanan A Al-harbi (Faisal's mom)


its amazing daycare and staff fabulous miss this place




Cally Wilson (Annabel and Josh's mom)



Both my daughter (now in JK) and son (Toddler room) have enjoyed going to TWD. When my son started last May, I specifically noticed how gentle and genuinely kind the teachers were, and continue to be. This was very reassuring, as he struggled to settle in during the first few weeks. He often speaks positively about the teachers and activities he enjoys at the daycare. The staff seems to genuinely care for the children.


Since Miss. Kim took over the daycare last year, we have noticed improvements and upgrades to the classrooms and activities. Miss. Kim has a strong presence at the daycare and is almost always there at the end of the day when I pick up the kids. She is easily accessible (by email and phone as well) and has been very open to suggestions and requests to better support my children. Recently, she implemented the Kids Note App for sending the reports to the parents electronically. Both my husband and I appreciate this because we both get the report, which includes reminders for diapers, extra clothing, etc…

Overall, we are very happy with Toronto Woods Daycare, and recommend it to other parents.




Mishal Eshai (Leyla's mom)



Our testimonial:

When your daughter doesn't want to leave school at 5 pm, and can't stop talking about her friends and teachers even at home, you know you lucked out in your choice of daycare. That's how we feel about Toronto Woods. It's small and homey, my child gets individual attention, and I can't say enough for the variety of educational activities they design for the children. My daughter is not even two, but recognizes the entire alphabet, knows all her colors, and can read all the numbers in a parking lot.. my heart just melted the day she said please and thank you at the supper table - not to mention how she looks for the garbage bin to throw out a wrapper when she's done with her snack! Well done, Toronto Woods. We love you.




  • Field Placement Students Testimonials

Chelsea Tran, future Early Childhood Educator



In May 2016, I had the opportunity to work alongside the staff at Toronto Woods Daycare for my placement, as a part of the Early Childhood Education program at Seneca College. The staff was friendly, supportive, and helpful. Through this experience, I learned a lot about the roles and responsibilities of an educator. I witnessed daily interactions between staff and child, each one conducted lovingly, respectfully, and perceptively. I hope that I'll be able to model the qualities that I so admire in the staff at Toronto Woods Daycare; kindness, encouraging, patience, nurturing, empathetic, and passionate. Their passion for the children inspires me to become a better educator.


Jessica Nghiem



In May 2016, I had the opportunity to shadow the staff of Toronto Woods Daycare as part of the Early Childhood Education program at Seneca College. It was the passion of the educators for their children, their support, and friendliness, that inspired me to also be a great educator. While in the classroom, I can see from first-hand experience and interactions, that the educators put the children's learning and development first. They provide a rich and inclusive environment for all children of different walks of life. Toronto Woods Daycare has a strong relationship with parents, families and the community. My time at Toronto Woods Daycare has allowed me to gain valuable learning experiences and it has been a pleasure being at Toronto Woods Daycare.